Our Company

Locally Owned and Operated in Bismarck, ND

Our Mission

AWest Security’s mission is to provide only the best products in the security industry, installed by the best professionals, and offered at the best prices within the Bismarck, ND area for our customers. This mission allows all in the Bismarck, ND region to enjoy ample security for their businesses, non-profits, public spaces, and homes at an affordable rate.

Father and Son in Cow Pasture,AWest Security, Bismarck,  ND

Our Values

AWest Security exudes integrity


All of our AWest Security professionals value integrity, and what integrity brings to the customer experience when seeking out any services. When you use AWest Security for your security solution needs, regardless of what those needs are, you can rest assured you’re receiving our strong moral principles with your security installation service.

You can trust AWest Security


AWest Security strives to be the security solutions brand you can trust, and we work to prove this by providing the Bismarck, ND region with only the best products, installed by experienced professionals, and at a price point that is always competitive and affordable. We value knowing that customers can trust their service was performed at the highest standard.

AWest Security is an honest company


In order to provide an experience with trust and integrity AWest Security must first provide an experience rooted in honesty. With quotes, installation suggestions, training, and pricing, AWest Security values providing an honest experience to every customer we have in the Bismarck, ND area. An honest consultation and installation is one you can rely on.

Our Community in Bismarck, ND

AWest Security serves businesses, non-profits, and residences all through out the Bismarck, North Dakota region. After Fargo, the Bismarck region is the second largest in all of North Dakota, home to more than 70,000 in just the city limits alone. AWest Security security solutions strive to provide a safer and more security Bismarck as a whole.

Our Vision

Our AWest Security vision is to be the leading provider of security solutions keeping the Bismarck, ND region safe. With experienced installation, quick response time, ongoing support, comprehensive customer training, and customized security solutions paired with competitive affordable pricing, we wish to use our expertise to create a safer, happier, and more secure local area.

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